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Wings of Destiny Mep

Our First mep for my mep group.  Mulitple Editors Project 

Link to the video

Finally our first mep is complete and posted. This was suppose to be up toward the end of November but a member had some problems with moving so I wasn't able to get her part until today. So excuse the lateness.

This is the only mep from this group that will be posted on this channel. If you'd like to see more in the future, please check out "The Wings of Destiny's official Channel". That'll be where you'll find our work from here on out.

Here's a link:

You may sub us, but please don't try to send a friend invite to our group. Only members will be accepted. Also we aren't accepting members either right now. So please stop requesting membership. You won't be accepted.

Video information:

Song: Break by Three Days Grace
Group Production: The Wings of Destiny

Intro made by ShadowMercury [Co Leader]
Credits made by TheWingsofKanna [Leader]
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